I wanted to post a quick update to the C4SC audience and inform everyone about some recent site enhancements as well as some upcoming post changes, etc.


.NET 4.0, BlogEngine.NET 2.0

C4SC was redeployed this evening and is now running entirely on the .NET 4.0 platform! While nothing should change the user experience, it’s always nice to advertise major upgrades. Along with the .NET upgrade, C4SC has moved from BlogEngine.NET version 1.61 to the BlogEngine.NET 2.0 platform. I’m really excited about the new features and functions added by the BlogEngine.NET team and highly encourage anyone thinking about building a blog site to use BlogEngine.NET. The 2.0 upgrade has introduced some great features to enhance the administration experience.


Syntax Highlighting

I should have paid closer attention to the BlogEngine.NET roadmap... Then I might have noticed the development team was planning the implementation of Alex Gorbathev’s SyntaxHighlighter as a BlogEngine.NET extension. I had recently implemented this in C4SC, but have now scrapped my custom implementation in favor of the included extension. From now on all C4SC code posts will have well-formatted syntax rather than just plain text. I plan on updating older posts to accommodate the SyntaxHighlighter changes as time permits.


New Format for Refactoring-Related Posts

All posts related to any type of refactoring will resemble the format used by Martin Fowler in his book, Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code. I consider that to the the single most beneficial book I’ve ever read on software development and will begin to follow the same style in this blog. Each post will include four sections detailing the problem and formulating a solution – Description, Motivation, Mechanics and Example(s).  It should be a good way to accumulate a targeted catalog of refactorings I’ve used and continue to use throughout my software development.