I’ve kept a blog at work for a long time now to post such things as technical details, refactoring techniques, configuration how-to’s and general information about the projects I’ve been involved in. All of that has been organization internal content and it’s all been in SharePoint. I’m now pleased to announce the official release of my public-facing technical blog – Coding4StreetCred! And I’m equally as excited to be using a blogging platform other than SharePoint!


Most of the content from here on out should be interesting, detailed and technically useful for a number of folks earning their keep as .NET developers. I hope the posts to come not only help the developers on my teams, but the larger developer community as well. Aside from all of the fame, notoriety, money, fast cars and women that I’ve heard come with having your own technical blog, giving back to the community has been the primary driver for this project. Without the technical contributions of so many individuals I’ve never met and the open source projects I’ve drawn from continuously over the years, my advancement as a software developer would have been much more difficult and my projects much less successful. In addition to community involvement, I hope this blog challenges me to become a better developer as I’m opening my work up to a larger attack surface for criticism.


Here’s a special thanks to the people and projects (in no particular order) that helped me finally get this project off the ground, my ideas out of my head, and my code into an ASP.NET Project…

Scott Hanselman – If you’ve never read or have never heard of ComputerZen, you need to point your RSS reader in Scott’s direction. This post in particular really got me started down the right track to releasing C4SC.

BlogEngine – BlogEngine.net is the open source project I started with to build this site. It’s a great project to start from and has a ton of out-of-the-box features to get you going… I’m really ready for another version built using VS2010 and .NET 4.0 though (I hope they’re listening).

DarkBlog – I started with and expanded this BlogEngine.net theme for C4SC.

GraffitiCreator – I’ve had the logo designed for C4SC for at least a year… One of the planned enhancements for this site is to generate a few more logos that cycle through randomly with each web post. C4SC is an agile shop though and that’s low on the priority list.


Check back soon for some real, bona fide technical content…