CSS: Always Show the Vertical Scrollbar

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A quick post to show how to solve an issue I’ve come across more than once… Depending on the layout of your site’s web pages, some pages might not be long enough to invoke the browser’s vertical scrollbar. This isn’t a big deal until you navigate to a page that requires the scrollbar to show its full length. When this happens (and if your content is centered in the page), your page will appear to jump a few pixels to the left to adjust for the invocation of the scrollbar. It’s annoying to QA testers and users, but it’s easy to fix… Here’s a quick CSS snippet to always show the scrollbar on your site whether a page requires it or not.


html {
    overflow: -moz-scrollbars-vertical;
    overflow-y: scroll;

A Good Burn…

08.05.2011 08:04 by kbeckman | Comments

Nothing technical here… I just wanted to call mention to an email that I received from arguably my most famous subscriber – the 16-time World Champion Superstar professional wrestler, Ric “The Nature Boy” Flair. Ah Ric, this takes me back about 11 years when I first discovered how to send SMTP emails without including my actual email address. Spoofing email addresses is simply GOOD CLEAN FUN. The short email I received sent me down Memory Lane and jogged my memory to some great office burns and practical jokes I’ve seen and been on the receiving end of over the years.


Subject: your blog sucks!!!

From: Ric Flair (tobethebest@youhavetobeatthebest.com)


http://youtu.be/iy-LQH8N6Ug (for those of you who get this via RSS)


Meeting Invites: Parking Lot Ass-Kickin’

This is my favorite – probably because it caught me so off-guard the first time it happened… I had just started my first full-time .NET development gig about 6 ago. Not more than a week in, I got an Outlook meeting invite from one of the Sr. Devs that I barely knew. I was a mandatory attendee for a meeting the next day…

Time: 09:15

Location: Parking Lot

Subject: Kickin’ Keith’s Ass



You’re Not Checking In Enough Code

[WTF?!] This happened at the same gig as the one I mentioned in the Parking Lot Ass Kickin’. Our development manager called the team in for an impromptu mandatory meeting just prior to lunch. The meeting started with our manager explaining a conversation he had with the VP of Development regarding the team’s performance. We were hitting all of our early project deadlines, but nonetheless our VP was concerned about the amount of code we were checking in. “There weren’t enough lines of code being checked in… I don’t think they’re working hard enough.” [Are you shitting me?] He went on to say that the development group was going to implement a new bonus structure not based on performance and meeting deadlines, but one based solely on the number of lines of code we checked-in to source control. Our poker-faced manager went on for another few minutes describing the new bonus structure and everyone else in the room was thinking about the new content their resumes would contain before the next work day started… Finally he broke a smile and rolled lunch in for everyone. …and then gave everyone the afternoon off!


Always Lock Your Tailgate

This happened at easily the worst software development gig I’ve held in my 10+ year career. Thankfully though, I worked with the coolest group of people who were able to find some humor despite the sweat-shop environment. I rode to lunch with a couple of the developers one afternoon. That day in particular, we were lucky enough to find time for lunch… I got back to my office an hour or so later to find the tailgate of my truck unhitched and sitting against the wall. Thankfully no one saw me toting it down the 4th floor elevator and out through the lobby after work. My tailgate remained locked after that.


Honorable Mention:

1) PrankPlace.com for some good ideas…

2) Tape over the optical mouse lense rendering it useless…

3) Randomly injecting business cards of the company’s all-time worst hire into your buddy’s box of business cards…


I welcome any reader comments describing some good office burns. I’m looking for some new content… :)